Wednesday, July 07, 2010
Some NBA rumors flying around

Mike Miller, last team with the Washington Wizards

   Apparently, Mike Miller would love to play alongside Lebron James. It is reported that the Cavs are targeting Miller and he in return said he would love to play in Cleveland if Lebron James stay with the team. Miller will be playing in James' Nike Skills Academy basketball camp that will last for 3 days. James reported to say that he will announce his decision to play with which team after the camp.

Chris Duhon, last team with the New York Knicks

   The Orlando Magic offers a four year, $15 million dollar contract to point guard Chris Duhon. Duhon will come off the bench to back up Jameer Nelson. It is very unlikely that Jason Williams and Anthony Johnson, both unrestricted free agents will come back to the Magic if Duhon agrees to sign.

Leandro Barbosa, currently with the Suns

   Leandro Barbosa from the Phoenix Suns is attracting interest from Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers. Celtics might use the retiring contract of Rasheed Wallace to get him while the Cavs is might offer Jamario Moon and Delonte West to the Suns.

Brad Miller, previously with the Chicago Bulls

   Veteran center Brad Miller have offers from several teams. The Celtics, Houston Rockets, the Denver Nuggets are among them. Miller is not as fast as before, but teams will value his passing skill, high basketball IQ on the court and will be a solid backup from the bench.

Chris Bosh, considering his option

   Chris Bosh will wait and consider his option before rushing for any decision. It is reported that the Raptors would trade Bosh to the Cavs if James stay. Bosh is also open to sign up as a free agent with the Miami Heat to play with Wade. Whatever it is,  Bosh is seriously thinking of pairing with either one of them or the best case scenario, both of them.

Ray Allen, last team with the Boston Celtics

   Unrestricted free agent Ray Allen will be playing the waiting game as well. Money won't be an issue to Allen, instead he would love to play with a championship contending team while taking lesser salary. His sharp shooting skill and quick release is still among the best in the league.

Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson during the good old days

   Once the league high scoring players, Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady is looking to return next season. Iverson said that he is willing to come off from the bench to help teams next season. However, that's what he said the previous season before he walk out from Memphis Grizzlies. As for McGrady, he is reported that he won't settle down with just a Mid-Level Exception, he is looking for more thus that slim down the chance teams will make any offer.

Monday, June 21, 2010
NBA Mock Draft 2010

   The NBA draft is just 3 days away and the top 3 picks are most certainly going to be John Wall, Evan Turner and Derrick Favors. Teams picking from number 4 onwards will have a hard time deciding to choose the best talent in the draft or to choose a player that can fill the team needs.

   1. Washington Wizards, John Wall, PG - John Wall teaming up with Gilbert Arenas at the back court will be a deadly combination. After all, Arenas is really a SG in a PG body frame. Wall's have proven to be an above average play maker in college. If he can reduce his turnovers and improve his shooting range, the rest of the league will have difficulties keeping up with the Wizards dynamic duo back court.

   2. Philadelphia 76ers, Evan Turner, SG - Turner is said to have the potential to be a number one pick but the Wizards declining to workout with him means he will most certainly going to fall for the 76ers at number 2. He can score at will, play defense with his tremendous wingspan and athleticism which is exactly what the 76ers need. Turner must improve his outside game to completely have an all around talent.

Derrick Favors from Georgia Tech

   3. Jersey New Nets, Derrick Favors, PF - The Nets have a very young and talented core players but they are kinda weak on the 4 spot. By picking Favors, it will be a significant upgrade over the likes of Yi Jianlian and Kris Humpries. Favors have a great defensive potential, teaming him with Brook Lopez might makes them the future twin tower. His offensive move is limited, thus improving his all around offense will helps him to be one of the premiere PF in the league.

   4. Minnesota Timberwolves, Wesley Johnson, SF/SG - Although there's a lot of talented big man in this year draft, the Wolves have two great PF already and what they need is a winger. Johnson is just what the Wolves needs. Outside shooting, rebounding and defense is what Johnson can do. He might needs to add on a few pounds of muscles to really play tough defense on opposing players.

   5. Sacromento Kings, Greg Monroe, PF/C - The Kings have agree in principle to trade for Samuel Dalembert in exchange for Spencer Hawes and Andres Nocioni. To complement a defensive minded Dalembert, the Kings needs Monroe. Aside from his offensive potential, he do have good court vision as well. He can have the potential to be another Chris Webber, great scoring instinct, playmaking ability however defense will be an issue.

   6. Golden State Warriors, Ekpe Upoh, PF/C - Warriors are known for their offensive output but at the defensive end they are horrible. Upoh can help the Warriors with his shot blocking ability and rebounding. Add on with his ability to hit mid range jumper, he might be a tough matchup for opposing PF. All he need is to learn how to play with much more physically to bang against more experience PF.

   7. Detroit Pistons, Cole Aldrich, C - The Pistons does not have a defensive presence at the C position ever since the Ben Wallace era. Aldrich will help significantly in that department. Rebounding and shot blocking is what he does best which means he will be the best suit for Pistons. The minus point is his offensive output might be just average at best but still it will be much more better than Wallace.

   8. Los Angeles Clippers, Al-Farouq Aminu, SF - Trading away Al Thornton leave the Clippers short handed at the SF spot. Enter Aminu, a defensive minded SF that can hit a shot now and then too. With Baron Davis, Eric Gordon and Blake Griffin doing most of the scoring, defending opposing perimeter players will be Aminu's duty. However, great defense come at the expense of below mediacore offense.

Luke Babbitt from Nevada

   9. Utah Jazz, Luke Babbit, SF - Babbit have been steadily climbing up the draft, from second round pick to late first round pick to mid first round to lottery selection. He can drain 3 pointers, do a spot up jumper or drives to the hoop. Just what the Jazz need, some scoring threat night in and out. He works hard on the defensive end as well, but he might have trouble keeping up with faster opponent.

   10. Indiana Pacers, Patrick Patterson, PF - The Pacers desperately needs another  PG, but this draft is not known for any impact PG. Thus, they will have to settle for Patterson. He will be a great scoring complement to Granger. Patterson have master the jump hook shot, a useful technique for undersized big men. He too can pop in some shots from mid range. Standing at 6'8" he will be having a hard time guarding opposing PF.

   11, New Orleans Hornets, Paul George, SF/SG - George might be the best fit for the Hornets. Chris Paul might just found a great alley-oop partner since George have freakish athleticism and jumping ability. George is able to hit outside shots and have a couple of post game moves. His biggest setback will be his decision making and at times he might look lost in the court.

   12. Memphis Grizzlies, Damion James, SF - The Grizzlies needs a backup player in case Rudy Gay signs for another team. Enter Damion James, an all around defensive and offensive player. Aggressive slasher and plays with high energy level, he might be the key defensive stopper to slow down the likes of Kobe Bryant and Brandon Roy. However, he is not a good ball handler and his turnover prone will be an issue.

   13. Toronto Raptors, Solomon Alabi, C - Let's face it neither Bargnani or Bosh is a true center. Alabi on the other hand is a proven defensive minded center. Aside from shot blocking and rebounding, he can score pretty good under the basket. Not to mention that his free throw percentage is above average too. At times, he tried too hard under the basket, to the extend that he rather try to score on multiple defenders rather than passing the ball to his teammates.

   14. Houston Rockets, Hassan Whiteside, C - Aside from the injury prone Yao Ming, the Rockets have no cover for the C position. David Andersen and Chuck Hayes are not really fit to play the center position. A defensive minded center like Whiteside would help the Rockets much. He's a great leaper thus he averages 5.4 blocks per game in the NCAA league. However, he does not have the upper body strength to go physically against his opponent.

Ed Davis from North Carolina

   15. Milwaukee Bucks, Ed Davis, PF - The 6'9" Sophomore from North Carolina can play both defense and offense. He will be able to complement the Bucks scoring should the team lose Salmons to the FA, and help to ease defensive pressure off from Andrew Bogut. He can perform well coming off the bench, the big question is weather will he be a big impact if he plays big minutes in the NBA

   16. Minnesota Timberwolves, Xavier Henry, SG/SF - Another winger certainly will help the Wolves. Aside from his shooting ability inside and out, he's also a solid playmaker. Adapting to different roles from game to game will be an issue to him. On the defensive end, he might not be able to defend more agile guards in the NBA.

James Anderson from Oklahoma State

   17. Chicago Bulls, James Anderson, SG/SF - After trading away John Salmons, the Bulls are lacking scoring option at the SG spot. Anderson fits in the bill in term of scoring. He is able to score from all over the court and an above average rebounder. As a winger, his athletic ability is consider below average thus he will have a hard time playing a high tempo game.

   18. Miami Heat, Gordon Hayward, SF - Assuming Dwayne Wade stay with the Heat, Hayward will be a great complement scoring alongside him. Hayward have the ability to knock down jumpers and drive to the hoop for an easy lay in. He have a NBA ready body but his lack of athleticism and agility will be a liability when he's guarding bigger and faster forward like Kevin Durant and Lebron James.

   19. Boston Celtics, Willie Warren, SG - Warren will fill in the void should Ray Allen leaves via FA. Warren can hit some three pointers, create his own shots and drive to the hoop just like Allen does. However, unlike Allen he is not a very efficient 3 points shooter and he is not a very good ball handler.

   20. San Antonio Spurs, Daniel Orton, C - Ever since David Robinson, Tim Duncan have not effectively team up with any C/PF. Orton might just be the answer. His ability to box out, find his open teammates and considerably good athleticism for a big man are some of the strength that would complement Duncan. The risky part is that he's only 19 this year and he's been known to have some attitude problem.
   21. Oklahoma City Thunder, Kevin Seraphin, C/PF - A physically tough player from French, he is very effective defensively against opponent He plays the Center position overseas and he could still continue doing so in the NBA since not much team have a 7 footer center. Standing at only 6'9" he will have hard times guarding the likes of Dirk Nowitzki, faster and more agile or Dwight Howard, bigger and tougher opponent.
   22. Portland Trailblazers, Larry Sanders, PF - Sanders is among the more athletic PF in the draft. He could run past his defender during transition and Brandon Roy can find him for an easy lay in or alley-oop. Aside from his speed, his low post game is mediacore at best. He does not perform very well under pressure and thus causing him to make costly mistakes whenever he's being double team.

Greivis Vasquez from Maryland

   23. Minnesota Timberwolves, Greivis Vasquez, SG/PG - Vasquez is very competitive. If he's not busy setting up his teammates, he creating shots for himself. For a 6'5" guard, his rebounding effectiveness is pretty good. His defense is the main concern for coaches, since he struggle to fight around screen and he's not quick enough to chase around opponent.

   24. Atlanta Hawks, Avery Bradley, SG/PG - There's a high possibility that Joe Johnson will sign with another team, thus drafting Bradley will make sense for the Hawks. Should Crawford start for the Hawks, Bradley will be a nice role player coming off the bench. Bradley is better known with his perimeter defense rather than his average scoring ability. His height at 6'4" will be a disadvantage if opponent decide to back him down the low post.

   25. Memphis Grizzlies, Dominique Jones, SG/PG - After years of experimenting with Mike Conley, its about time that the Grizzlies realize that Conley is not the guy for the team. Although Jones playmaking skill is average at best, he's a better scorer and rebounder. The concern would be will Jones take away an awful lot of shots from OJ Mayo and Zach Randolph.

   26. Oklahoma City Thunder, Stanley Robinson, SF/PF - Rebounding, athleticism, man to man defense are Robinson's key strength. Standing at 6'9" he is able to play both the forward spot. He's not actually a scorer aside from the low post area, thus don't expect him to consistently hit on mid range jumper.

Eric Bledsoe from Kentucky

   27. New Jersey Nets, Eric Bledsoe, PG/SG - Bledsoe is a SG trap in a PG body. Known for his speed and athleticism, he's is expected to be a great scoring option either as a starter or off the bench. He could spend a bit time on PG, but his playmaking ability is not as good as his scoring potential.

   28. Memphis Grizzlies, Artsiom Parakhouski, C - They had success an international Spanish Center in Marc Gasol, they might have luck working with Belarusian Parakhouski as well. His wide wingspan enables him to score points and block shots easily under the hoop. However, with big size comes at the expand of slower speed and that will be a problem in high tempo games.

   29. Orlando Magic, Devin Ebanks, SF/PF - Ebanks is able to guard both perimeter players and low post players. He will be a great addition to the Magic with his defensive ability. At the offensive end, he's only limited to a few low post move and not a really good from the mid range and the 3 point line.

   30. Washington Wizards, Quincy Pondexter, SF - Rebounding and scoring will be the main strength for Pondexter. He is capable of defending players on the SG spot as well. He's not really a threat beyond the 3 point line and his court vision is very questionable as he will be looking to shoot all the time regardless if there's a nearby open teammate.

Posted at 09:32 pm by Josh524
Critics anyone?  

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Friday, June 18, 2010
Congratulation to the NBA Champion, Los Angeles Lakers

   Congratulation to the Lakers for winning the 16th Championship in the Franchise history. Its been a nail-biting series with 5 of the 7 games played won with the difference of 9 points and below. The Celtics were great in Game 7 but the Lakers proved that they are better when it comes to close game.

Kobe Bryant with the rest of his team

The Lakers, are the NBA champions

Kobe Bryant receiving his NBA Finals MVP trophy

(L-R) Pau Gasol, Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom

   Once again, congratulations to the Lakers for winning the championship. Bryant himself admitted that this is the toughest one as of date in his career. Without the help of Pau Gasol and the rest of his team, this season will be a failure.

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Critics anyone?  

Friday, January 08, 2010
Washington Wizards falling apart

   If you think the Wizards is bad, it get worse when Gilbert Arenas has been suspended indefinitely because he was found carrying firearms into the locker room. Arenas' contract can be voided if he is found guilty. Before the start of the season, a lot of people predicts that the Wizards could be among the top team in the East judging from the players they had. However, winning only 11 out of 33 games is far below expectation. Right now, its been spreading around that the whole Wizards team are for sale.

Arenas with his gun gesture before the game

   Minus Arenas, the Wizards still have 14 other players under contract. Randy Foye, Andray Blatche, Nick Young and JaVale McGee are all young players under 24 years old and have the potential to be develop into good players. All of them are inexpensive and they will be a great pickup for teams that are looking for young talent. Among the bunch, Wizards might be looking to retain Blatche since he have the potential to develop into a Kevin Garnett type of player with his atleticsm and ability to shoot mid range jumper.

(clockwise from top left) Andray Blatche, Randy Foye,
 JaVale McGee and Nick Young

   What's more attractive than the young players are final contract role players. Mike Miller, Mike James, Fabricio Oberto and Brendan Haywood are among them. Miller who is capable of being a point forward should benefits team that lacks of perimeter shooter and playmaker. James is a defensive minded PG that can slow down opposing PG. Haywood have the size to bother opponent, ability to block shots and rebounds well. DeShawn Stevenson is another role player to look at but he have 2 years contract left thus making him less in demand compare to the rest.

(clockwise from top) Mike Miller, Mike James, DeShawn Stevenson,
  Fabricio Oberto and Brendan Haywood

   Role players are young players aside, the Wizards most valuable assets are the team's remaining two All Star player Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler. the Cavaliers have express interest in Jamison while Butler won't be short of suitors as well. Trading either one will officially makes the Wizards a rebuilding team. While rebuilding is not really what teams are lookng forward to, something have to be done if a team can't win much games even if they are full with talented players. If both players get traded for expiring contracts and Arenas contract is to voided, that will clear 41million worth of cap space for the Wizards.

Will the Wizards' Big Three are split up?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Tracy McGrady: Its time to move on

   Tracy McGrady is finally back on the court but it only lasted for 6 games. He played about 8 minutes per game and he demands for more minutes. However, the coach don't think he plays very well in limited minutes thus its only a matter of time before he finally ask to be trade away. McGrady's situation is almost the same as Allen Iverson, no longer an impact player but still a fan favorite. Being the highest paid NBA player at 23million dollars, McGrady's expiring contract will definitely attract some interest from teams.

(Clockwise from top left) Salmons, Pargo, McGrady,
Thomas and James

   The Chicago Bulls would love to have their hands on McGrady. Jerome James, Jannero Pargo, Tyrus Thomas and John Salmons might be enough to lure McGrady to the Bulls. The Bulls still be able to maintain salary cap flexibility for next season if McGrady doesn't fit into the team. The Rockets in return, gets back 3 expiring contract, one being Tyrus Thomas who is a very well known hustle player. John Salmons too will be a valuable addition since he can be a more consistence scorer compare to Trevor Ariza.

McGrady swapping team with O'Neal?

   A direct swap between McGrady and the Miami Heat's Jermaine O'Neal make some sense too. Wade needs and wants a perimeter scorer. Although his best scoring years are behind him, McGrady will still be able to knock down some long range shot. The Rockets in return got back O'Neal who have the size to bang up against other bigger opponent. He does not need a lot of shots which is plus point for the Rockets. This trade might work out since both players are expiring contract and won't be affecting either team's future plan.

(Clockwise from top left) McGrady, Cook, Harrington,
Milicic and Mobley

   The New York Knicks are very keen to acquire McGrady. The Knicks have plenty of expiring contract but they would most likely wants to keep their young player together. The Knicks could give in Cuttino Mobley, Al Harrington and Darko Milicic for McGrady and Brian Cook. Adding Harrington who can spread offense all over the floor benefits the Rockets who need a consistence scorer. While McGrady can gets more playing time and shots with the Knicks.

Where will McGrady finally land?

   These are just example of what the Rockets will get in return for Tracy McGrady. However, this does not mean the other teams won't start to enquire about him. Its about another 50 days left until the trade deadline. Most teams would wait until a day or two before the dateline before deciding if they should make any changes. But one thing for sure, its quite certain that McGrady has played the last game for the Rockets.

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