Tuesday, December 22, 2009
The Cavs are looking for more help

(clockwise from top left) Will Murphy, Randolph or Jamison
have the chance to play with James?

    Recently, the Cleveland Cavaliers are said to be targeting a few players to help improve the squad. Among them are Antawn Jamison(Wizards), Anthony Randolph(Warriors) and Troy Murphy(Pacers). While acquiring any of the mentioned players will definitely improve the Cavaliers, the golden question would be who can the Cavs offer in return?

Ilgauskas and O'Neal in action

    Shaquille O'Neal and Zydrunas Ilgauskas are the team's only expiring contracts. These two players will garner the most attention, however either one of them are unlikely to move. Trading either one will leave a big hole on the Center position since they are the only true center the Cavaliers have. If another quality center is involve in the trade, the chances of Cavs giving up one of them will be higher.

Varejao, Gibson and Williams look on as Ilgauskas rebounds

    Cavs have 4 players who's contract run for at least 3 more years. Maurice Williams and Jamario Moon are close to untouchable while Daniel Gibson won't attracts much interest. Anderson Varejao mostly will attract some teams, but his contract stretching all the way until 2013/2014 will makes team to think twice before making any trades.

Are West and Hickson attractive trade chips?

    The Cavs have plenty of players with 2 years or less left on their contract. However, aside from JJ Hickson the rest won't have significant trade value. Hickson is making about 1.5million and that's not even anywhere near the value of the targeted players. Maybe Delonte West is another trade option, but his ongoing personal issues decrease his trade value.

Roster change for the Cavs anytime soon?

    In short, if the Cavs want any trade to work, they will surely need to include one of the center. Something like Ilgauskas and Hickson for Jamison and Oberto works financially. Maybe even Ilgauskas, Hickson and Williams for Foster and Murphy. That might work but its all down to how desperate the Cavs wants a solid PF.

Will James and O'Neal win a championship together?

Friday, December 18, 2009
Pau Gasol dominating the board

Gasol and Bryant having a good time

    The Lakers no longer need to depends only on Kobe Bryant to dominate every single game. Pau Gasol, having played 12 games this season out of the possible 24 games, is doing very well lately.

Can he continue to dominate the board?

    Gasol has been averaging 18 rebounds per game for the past 5 games, with 3 of the games he managed to grab 20 or more rebounds. The Lakers won 4 out of the 5 games, and Gasol's opponents throughout that stretch are no pushovers.

Gasol going against Boozer

    He went against younger and more athletics center like the Bulls' Joakim Noah, the Wolves' Al Jefferson and Kevin Love. He went against the likes of Andrew Bogut and Carlos Boozer. This shows that he is capable of competing against younger opponent and veteran competitors.

So far so good for Gasol

    His 17.6 points per game for the past 5 games are just as good as his 17.7 points per game for the season. The Lakers look good to repeat as the NBA champion if Gasol continues to play like this.

Will Gasol and the Lakers repeat as champion?

Posted at 09:00 am by Josh524

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Who wants Marcus Camby?

Marcus Camby, still a great defensive player

    It appears that Marcus Camby is on the trading block. The former Defensive Player of the Year in 2007, Camby is an expiring contract player which makes him even more valuable. Teams who are looking for cap space and a defensive center should start to discuss with the Los Angeles Clippers for any possible moves. The question is which teams will most likely give an offer that the Clippers will accept?

(clockwise from top left) Steve Blake, Andre Miller,
Marcus Camby and Travis Outlaw

    When it comes to center help, the Blazers definitely needs one. They only have  one true center in Joel Przybilla ever since Greg Oden went down with injuries. Now the question is, who the Blazers will offer? Camby is making roughly about 10 million this season. Travis Outlaw and Andre Miller for Marcus Camby would work salary wise, but there's no way the Clippers are going to do that trade. The Blazers might need to get a third team involve if they really wants Camby.

(clockwise from top left) Marcus Camby, Brian Cook
and Shane Battier

    The Rockets starting unit have no players taller than 6-9. That could be a problem if they face a team like the Lakers or the Magic. Camby sure fits well with the Rockets, like how Mutombo fits in when Yao Ming was injured. Just like the Blazers, the Rockets can't really find a potential trade that beneftis both team. In term of salary, Shane Battier and Brian Cook for Camby works but there's no way Rockets will trade Battier for Camby. The Rockets might just need to look at a cheaper alternative.

(clockwise from top left) Marcus Camby, Etan Thomas
and DJ White

    Oklahoma City Thunder might be interested with Camby as well. The young Thunder team lacks a defensive big man and Camby fits the role. Camby will not take a lot of shots, hence he won't be hindering the progress of the Thunder young players. The Thunder most probably will offer Etan Thomas and DJ White for Camby. The Clippers might be interested as they will get back a tough and young PF in White to back up Blake Griffin when he's back from injury.

Will Camby change team before the
trade deadline?

    Although the mentioned 3 teams greatly needs a Center, that doesn't stop the rest of the league to make offer for Camby. The Clippers might entertain any deals involving future draft picks, young players or serviceable big guard. Eric Gordon and Baron Davis, both 6-3 are the starting backcourt for the team. They really need a bigger guard to defend against the like of Kobe Bryant, Brandon Roy or even Vince Carter.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009
Former draft picks of Phoenix Suns

    So far, the Suns have far exceed the expectation of many pundits. They have won 15 of the first 21 games, which is good enough for the third spot in the Western Conference. The real question now is how long the Suns' momentum will last. The Suns bench are not that deep. The Suns need bench players to step up in order for the starters to get enough rest for the playoff.

Luol Deng, who's doing well with the Bulls

    Since 2004, the Suns managed to draft some quality players but somehow they traded off their rights to another team. In 2004, they drafted Luol Deng with the 7th overall pick and traded him to the Bulls. Deng improved every year even though he misses some games for the past 2 season. He sure can help the Suns right now with his athleticsm and versatility.

Gortat and Robinson, doing so so this season

    For the 2005 NBA draft, the Suns selected Nate Robinson and Marcin Gortat. Both of them are being traded away as well. Marcin Gortat is among the best defensive center in the league while Nate Robinson can an impact scorer no matter if he starts or come off from the bench. Both are a huge upgrade compare to the likes of Robin Lopez and Jared Dudley who the Suns have right now.

Rondo and Rodriguez, good ball handlers

    Rajon Rondo was selected in the 2006 draft along with Sergio Rodriguez. As everyone knows, Rondo won a championship in Boston with his defensive ability and playmaking skill. Sergio Rodriguez too can be considered as a decent playmaker. If either one of them are still around, the Suns will play them more frequent compare to Goran Dragic who look lost most of the time on court.

Fernandez a key bench player for the Blazers

    Believe it or not, Rudy Fernandez is drafted by the Suns in 2007. He's doing very well coming off the bench for the Blazers. The most important thing is that he is still in his rookie contract, which means he's relatively cheap for a guy who can do well offensively. The Suns certainly would love an impact player like Fernandez off the bench.

Its been good for the Suns so far

    Should the Suns keep all the mentioned players together, the starting line-up might be Marcin Gortat, Amare Stoudemire, Luol Deng, Rudy Fernandez and Steve Nash. While players like Nate Robinson, Grant Hill, Rajon Rondo and Leandro Barbosa coming off the bench. The starters are are among the league's best with sufficient bench contribution. If only the Suns did not trade them away.

Friday, December 04, 2009
Unhappy players

    Its only a quarter season over and a number of players who are unhappy with their current status. Take the case of Stephen Jackson for an example, he was unhappy and he made it publicly he would like to be traded away to a title contender. He got his wish, but instead it was to the Charlotte Bobcats though.

Ex-teammates, Stephen Jackson and Monta Ellis

    Monta Ellis, Jackson's ex-teammate was rumored to have a relationship breakdown with coach Don Nelson and he wants to be out also. However, he has yet to demand for a trade publicly like how Jackson does. It will all come down to how many games the team can win and the players chemistry. If the Warriors don't start winning game, expect Ellis to take the path that Jackson took.

Tracy McGrady, didn't play for 9 months

    Surprisingly, the Houston Rockets managed to post a 10-8 record even without the team's two All-Stars, Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming. Yao Ming is already out for the season, and McGrady is ready to play. However, coach Rick Adelman doesn't want him back with the excuse that he is not fully recovered yet. This causes tension between the coach and the player so McGrady won't be on the court anytime soon.

Andre Miller not fitting in with the Blazers?

    After signing with the Blazers, everyone thought that Andre Miller would be the team starting PG for the season. Things didn't really work out that way as Miller is more effective while handling the ball, the thing that Brandon Roy does all this time. Thus, Roy prefer to play with Steve Blake as he is more of a spot of shooter compare to Miller who does not really have an outside game. Of course, Miller would prefer to starts for a team which means he might be available if the right offer comes around.

Bosh is not happy with his team

    The Raptors are among the favorites to be a playoff team but they only won 7 out of the first 20 games. The big issue is the team defense, which All Star PF Chris Bosh lashes out that his team don't play defense. In the latest game, Bosh only played for 16 minutes scoring 2 points in a 31-points loss to the Hawks. Unless there's a huge improvement over the team's defense, don't expect Bosh to return to the team for next season.

Gortat thinks he have the potential to start

    Even though the Orlando Magic is the team with the best record in the East, there is a player who is just plain unhappy with his current status. Marcin Gortat was expecting to sign with the Mavericks, until the Magic match the offer. Everyone know he is currently backing up Dwight Howard and that situation can't please him. He wants to start instead of being a backup player. Its only about time before he will ask to be traded to a team where he can start and play more minutes.

Posted at 03:40 pm by Josh524

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