Entry: Who wants Marcus Camby? Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Marcus Camby, still a great defensive player

    It appears that Marcus Camby is on the trading block. The former Defensive Player of the Year in 2007, Camby is an expiring contract player which makes him even more valuable. Teams who are looking for cap space and a defensive center should start to discuss with the Los Angeles Clippers for any possible moves. The question is which teams will most likely give an offer that the Clippers will accept?

(clockwise from top left) Steve Blake, Andre Miller,
Marcus Camby and Travis Outlaw

    When it comes to center help, the Blazers definitely needs one. They only have  one true center in Joel Przybilla ever since Greg Oden went down with injuries. Now the question is, who the Blazers will offer? Camby is making roughly about 10 million this season. Travis Outlaw and Andre Miller for Marcus Camby would work salary wise, but there's no way the Clippers are going to do that trade. The Blazers might need to get a third team involve if they really wants Camby.

(clockwise from top left) Marcus Camby, Brian Cook
and Shane Battier

    The Rockets starting unit have no players taller than 6-9. That could be a problem if they face a team like the Lakers or the Magic. Camby sure fits well with the Rockets, like how Mutombo fits in when Yao Ming was injured. Just like the Blazers, the Rockets can't really find a potential trade that beneftis both team. In term of salary, Shane Battier and Brian Cook for Camby works but there's no way Rockets will trade Battier for Camby. The Rockets might just need to look at a cheaper alternative.

(clockwise from top left) Marcus Camby, Etan Thomas
and DJ White

    Oklahoma City Thunder might be interested with Camby as well. The young Thunder team lacks a defensive big man and Camby fits the role. Camby will not take a lot of shots, hence he won't be hindering the progress of the Thunder young players. The Thunder most probably will offer Etan Thomas and DJ White for Camby. The Clippers might be interested as they will get back a tough and young PF in White to back up Blake Griffin when he's back from injury.

Will Camby change team before the
trade deadline?

    Although the mentioned 3 teams greatly needs a Center, that doesn't stop the rest of the league to make offer for Camby. The Clippers might entertain any deals involving future draft picks, young players or serviceable big guard. Eric Gordon and Baron Davis, both 6-3 are the starting backcourt for the team. They really need a bigger guard to defend against the like of Kobe Bryant, Brandon Roy or even Vince Carter.


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