Entry: Tracy McGrady: Its time to move on Wednesday, December 30, 2009

   Tracy McGrady is finally back on the court but it only lasted for 6 games. He played about 8 minutes per game and he demands for more minutes. However, the coach don't think he plays very well in limited minutes thus its only a matter of time before he finally ask to be trade away. McGrady's situation is almost the same as Allen Iverson, no longer an impact player but still a fan favorite. Being the highest paid NBA player at 23million dollars, McGrady's expiring contract will definitely attract some interest from teams.

(Clockwise from top left) Salmons, Pargo, McGrady,
Thomas and James

   The Chicago Bulls would love to have their hands on McGrady. Jerome James, Jannero Pargo, Tyrus Thomas and John Salmons might be enough to lure McGrady to the Bulls. The Bulls still be able to maintain salary cap flexibility for next season if McGrady doesn't fit into the team. The Rockets in return, gets back 3 expiring contract, one being Tyrus Thomas who is a very well known hustle player. John Salmons too will be a valuable addition since he can be a more consistence scorer compare to Trevor Ariza.

McGrady swapping team with O'Neal?

   A direct swap between McGrady and the Miami Heat's Jermaine O'Neal make some sense too. Wade needs and wants a perimeter scorer. Although his best scoring years are behind him, McGrady will still be able to knock down some long range shot. The Rockets in return got back O'Neal who have the size to bang up against other bigger opponent. He does not need a lot of shots which is plus point for the Rockets. This trade might work out since both players are expiring contract and won't be affecting either team's future plan.

(Clockwise from top left) McGrady, Cook, Harrington,
Milicic and Mobley

   The New York Knicks are very keen to acquire McGrady. The Knicks have plenty of expiring contract but they would most likely wants to keep their young player together. The Knicks could give in Cuttino Mobley, Al Harrington and Darko Milicic for McGrady and Brian Cook. Adding Harrington who can spread offense all over the floor benefits the Rockets who need a consistence scorer. While McGrady can gets more playing time and shots with the Knicks.

Where will McGrady finally land?

   These are just example of what the Rockets will get in return for Tracy McGrady. However, this does not mean the other teams won't start to enquire about him. Its about another 50 days left until the trade deadline. Most teams would wait until a day or two before the dateline before deciding if they should make any changes. But one thing for sure, its quite certain that McGrady has played the last game for the Rockets.


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