Entry: Washington Wizards falling apart Friday, January 08, 2010

   If you think the Wizards is bad, it get worse when Gilbert Arenas has been suspended indefinitely because he was found carrying firearms into the locker room. Arenas' contract can be voided if he is found guilty. Before the start of the season, a lot of people predicts that the Wizards could be among the top team in the East judging from the players they had. However, winning only 11 out of 33 games is far below expectation. Right now, its been spreading around that the whole Wizards team are for sale.

Arenas with his gun gesture before the game

   Minus Arenas, the Wizards still have 14 other players under contract. Randy Foye, Andray Blatche, Nick Young and JaVale McGee are all young players under 24 years old and have the potential to be develop into good players. All of them are inexpensive and they will be a great pickup for teams that are looking for young talent. Among the bunch, Wizards might be looking to retain Blatche since he have the potential to develop into a Kevin Garnett type of player with his atleticsm and ability to shoot mid range jumper.

(clockwise from top left) Andray Blatche, Randy Foye,
 JaVale McGee and Nick Young

   What's more attractive than the young players are final contract role players. Mike Miller, Mike James, Fabricio Oberto and Brendan Haywood are among them. Miller who is capable of being a point forward should benefits team that lacks of perimeter shooter and playmaker. James is a defensive minded PG that can slow down opposing PG. Haywood have the size to bother opponent, ability to block shots and rebounds well. DeShawn Stevenson is another role player to look at but he have 2 years contract left thus making him less in demand compare to the rest.

(clockwise from top) Mike Miller, Mike James, DeShawn Stevenson,
  Fabricio Oberto and Brendan Haywood

   Role players are young players aside, the Wizards most valuable assets are the team's remaining two All Star player Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler. the Cavaliers have express interest in Jamison while Butler won't be short of suitors as well. Trading either one will officially makes the Wizards a rebuilding team. While rebuilding is not really what teams are lookng forward to, something have to be done if a team can't win much games even if they are full with talented players. If both players get traded for expiring contracts and Arenas contract is to voided, that will clear 41million worth of cap space for the Wizards.

Will the Wizards' Big Three are split up?


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