Entry: Some NBA rumors flying around Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Mike Miller, last team with the Washington Wizards

   Apparently, Mike Miller would love to play alongside Lebron James. It is reported that the Cavs are targeting Miller and he in return said he would love to play in Cleveland if Lebron James stay with the team. Miller will be playing in James' Nike Skills Academy basketball camp that will last for 3 days. James reported to say that he will announce his decision to play with which team after the camp.

Chris Duhon, last team with the New York Knicks

   The Orlando Magic offers a four year, $15 million dollar contract to point guard Chris Duhon. Duhon will come off the bench to back up Jameer Nelson. It is very unlikely that Jason Williams and Anthony Johnson, both unrestricted free agents will come back to the Magic if Duhon agrees to sign.

Leandro Barbosa, currently with the Suns

   Leandro Barbosa from the Phoenix Suns is attracting interest from Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers. Celtics might use the retiring contract of Rasheed Wallace to get him while the Cavs is might offer Jamario Moon and Delonte West to the Suns.

Brad Miller, previously with the Chicago Bulls

   Veteran center Brad Miller have offers from several teams. The Celtics, Houston Rockets, the Denver Nuggets are among them. Miller is not as fast as before, but teams will value his passing skill, high basketball IQ on the court and will be a solid backup from the bench.

Chris Bosh, considering his option

   Chris Bosh will wait and consider his option before rushing for any decision. It is reported that the Raptors would trade Bosh to the Cavs if James stay. Bosh is also open to sign up as a free agent with the Miami Heat to play with Wade. Whatever it is,  Bosh is seriously thinking of pairing with either one of them or the best case scenario, both of them.

Ray Allen, last team with the Boston Celtics

   Unrestricted free agent Ray Allen will be playing the waiting game as well. Money won't be an issue to Allen, instead he would love to play with a championship contending team while taking lesser salary. His sharp shooting skill and quick release is still among the best in the league.

Tracy McGrady and Allen Iverson during the good old days

   Once the league high scoring players, Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady is looking to return next season. Iverson said that he is willing to come off from the bench to help teams next season. However, that's what he said the previous season before he walk out from Memphis Grizzlies. As for McGrady, he is reported that he won't settle down with just a Mid-Level Exception, he is looking for more thus that slim down the chance teams will make any offer.


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