Entry: 2008/09 NBA regular season award Tuesday, April 21, 2009

    While away teams are upsetting home teams in the playoffs, the panel of selected sportswriters and broadcasters are busy voting for the regular season NBA award. Here's my pick on who should win which award for the regular season.

Most Valuable Player

Lebron James

    Why Lebron? Leading his team to the best record in the regular season, fill up the stats sheet all over, improvement over the defensive end, and he's still 25. Kobe Bryant's name too is in the mix for the MVP award. Well, Bryant is a distance second because he got a better supporting cast. Take both Bryant and James out from their current team, and for sure the Lakers will win over the Cavs. Meaning to say that Lebron is the player that makes the Cavs a better team thus he deserve to win his first MVP award this year.

Sixth Man

Jason Terry

    Coming off the bench for almost all his game and yet he's the second leading scorer for his team. Initially a starter, Terry has been coming off from the bench for the past 2 seasons. Terry provide an instant offense off the bench for the Mavs. Although the Mavs is having a mediacore season, but this is Terry's best year ever since he got traded to the Mavs.

Defensive Player of the Year

Dwight Howard

    With his amazing leaping ability and long arms, Howard leads the shot blocking, rebounds category and little did people know that he average a steal per game as well. Its been a while since there's a force so dominant under the low post. Howard is by far the most deserving player to win this award this season. Chris Paul and Ron Artest, both expected to be either second and third on the voting list aren't even close to winning this.

Most Improved Player

Kevin Durant

    Three players are in a tight race to win this award. Kevin Durant from the Thunder, Devin Harris from the Nets and Danny Granger from the Pacers. While all three have improve in their scoring, Durant have increase his rebounds average and slightly on the assist and steal category compare to them. Both Harris and Granger are All Star this season, but still Durant by far is the most deserving player to win this award.

Rookie of the Year

Derrick Rose

    Of all the rookies competing to win this award, Rose stands out from the crowd. He's within the top 10 for the major stats category. Critics doubted that a rookie like Rose won't be able to handle the pressure handling the point. Rose silents the critics by helping the Bulls get back into the playoffs and put up a good performance under pressure.

Coach of the Year

Mike Brown

    Alot of coaches have been doing a great job this season. Heat's rookie coach Erik Spoelstra have a good season, Rick Adelman of the Rockets manage to juggles with all the injuries to the team, Nate McMillan bringing the Blazers back to the playoffs with youth players, Cavs' Mike Brown and Lakers' Phil Jackson for guiding their team for the respective conference best record. My vote goes to Mike Brown. His team improves by 21 wins from the previous season. All this with litlte roster change.


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